Volume 15 | Issue 2 | Dec 01 2019

Role of experiential value on mall patronage intentions : an emerging economy perspective

S. Kashif, J.A. Qureshi, and S.W. Qazi
Vol 15 | Issue 2 pp. 1-14

The influence of vlogging communities on brand image and loyalty

S. Pillay and M. Mpinganjira
Vol 15 | Issue 2 pp. 15-28

The off-line retail experience : a suggested integrated framework

Laetitia Radder, Evan Koekemoer, and Marlé Van Eyk
Vol 15 | Issue 2 pp. 29-38

An application of impression management theory on corporate storytelling for branding in examining internal stakeholders’ corporate brand perceptions

B. Nyagadza, E.M. Kadembo, and A. Makasi
Vol 15 | Issue 2 pp. 39-50

Uncovering the influence of personal values on the preference for certain casual clothing - intrinsic product evaluative criteria

J. Kasambala, E. Kempen, J. Labschagne, and P. Lyon
Vol 15 | Issue 2 pp. 51-64

Profiling South African female consumers’ involvement in skincare and colour cosmetics

B.E. Stiehler and Y. Jordaan
Vol 15 | Issue 2 pp. 65-76

Measuring brand equity of a performing artist : a new instrument

B. Van Rensburg and E. Slabbert
Vol 15 | Issue 2 pp. 77-88

Investigating exhibitors’ selling and non-selling motivations towards traditional festivals

Ana Čuić Tanković, Jelena Kapeš, and Lorena Bašan
Vol 15 | Issue 2 pp. 89-97