Volume 17 | Issue 2 | 2021


M.C. Cant
Vol 17 | Issue 2 pp. i-i

The Role of Information-Sharing on Supply Chain Resilience: A Study in the South African Retail Industry

Vol 17 | Issue 2 pp. 2-16

Abstract and references

Online shopping experiences: A quantitative investigation into hedonic value, trust, and risk in the South African retail industry

Vol 17 | Issue 2 pp. 17-29

Abstract and references

Whether to adopt or not? A cross-country comparison of consumer resistance towards the Internet of Things in households

Vol 17 | Issue 2 pp. 30-51

Abstract and references

Assessing Consumers’ brand loyalty after a brand crisis: A case of Listeria in KwaZulu-Natal

Vol 17 | Issue 2 pp. 52-65

Abstract and references

A Structural Framework for Switching Intention in the Cambodian Banking Industry

Vol 17 | Issue 2 pp. 66-83

Abstract and references

Changes in Retail Consumer Behaviour in South Africa during COVID-19: Permanent or Temporary

Vol 17 | Issue 2 pp. 84-92

Abstract and references

Determinants of mobile gaming need satisfaction in South Africa

Vol 17 | Issue 2 pp. 93-107

Abstract and references

Consumer perception towards online shopping behaviour in South Africa

Vol 17 | Issue 2 pp. 108-118

Abstract and references

Determinants of Impulsive Buying Behaviour in Social Commerce: A Stimulus–Organism–Response Framework Perspective

Vol 17 | Issue 2 pp. 119-130

Abstract and references