Volume 18 | Issue 1 | 2022


Vol 18 | Issue 1 pp. i-ii

A pursuit to identify brick-and-mortar and consumer decision-making styles that are globally relevant

Prof  Alet C Erasmus, Dr Suné Donoghue, Prof Thomas Dobbelstein
Vol 18 | Issue 1 pp. 1-24

Abstract and references

Customer Engagement through Love and Trust: Building Brand Equity in the Retail Industry

Sana Javed, Dr. Usamah Iyyaz Billah
Vol 18 | Issue 1 pp. 25-41

Abstract and references

The influence of working capital components and policies on the profitability of South African clothing retailers

Gugulethu Potwana, Marise Mouton,Prof IlseBotha
Vol 18 | Issue 1 pp. 42-58

Abstract and references

The digital transformation of food and grocery retailing under the covid-19 pandemic: a case of major South African retailers

Dr EAN Dakora, Prof P Rambe
Vol 18 | Issue 1 pp. 59-75

Abstract and references

Has COVID-19 changed interaction in brick-and-mortar stores? A study on self-checkouts

Javier Lorente-Martínez, Ana Laguía, Julio Navío-Marco, Beatriz Rodrigo-Moya 
Vol 18 | Issue 1 pp. 76-97

Abstract and references

Affective commitment, trust, perceived value and service quality as predictors of customer engagement in the South African open medical aid industry

Dr CC Williams, Prof N Mckay
Vol 18 | Issue 1 pp. 98-110

Abstract and references

The influence of lifestyle dimensions on the perceived value and purchase intention of cellular devices in South Africa

Dr Roland Goldberg, Dr HesterSpies
Vol 18 | Issue 1 pp. 111-127

Abstract and references

A conceptual framework for understanding how the green city philosophy translate into sustainable behaviour and performance: The case of retail businesses in Cape Town

Dr Virimai Victor Mugobo, Dr Herbert Ntuli
Vol 18 | Issue 1 pp. 128-142

Abstract and references


The Perceptions of Electronic Cigarettes among Young Chinese Generation: Expanding the Theory of Planned Behaviour

Dr Lei Wang, Mrs Qi Zhang, Dr Philip Pong Weng Wong
Vol 18 | Issue 1 pp. 143-158

Abstract and references