Volume 13 | Issue 2 | Dec 01 2017

Brand identity : theory versus practice in the South African banking sector

K. Zwakala, P. Steenkamp, and N.E. Haydam
Vol 13 | Issue 2 pp. 1-14

Customer satisfaction levels, store loyalty and perceived important store attributes among sportswear apparel shoppers in Soweto

R.L. Mathaba, M. Dhurup, and M. Mpinganjira
Vol 13 | Issue 2 pp. 15-27

Business actions of exhibitors at trade shows : implications for sales versus non-sales staff and type of trade show

G.A.P. Drotsky and M. Wiese
Vol 13 | Issue 2 pp. 28-39

The prevalence and focus of formalised Human Resource Management practices in a sample of SMEs in the marketing and retail sector of South Africa

H.W.E. Schenk
Vol 13 | Issue 2 pp. 40-54