Volume 20 | Issue 1 | June 2024

Foreword: Motivation, satisfaction, asnd ethics to enhance retail and marketing strategies

Vol 20 | Issue 1 p. i

Management perceptions on effective employee rewards: a case study of Cape Town five- star hotels, South Africa

Mzukisi Cwibi*, Mandisa Silo, Dr Tshinakaho Nyathela-Sunday

Vol 20 | Issue 1 pp. 1-11

Abstract and references

A comparative analysis of last mile delivery in Kenya’s online retail subsector

Eric Mogire*, Peter Kilbourn, Rose Luke

Vol 20 | Issue 1 pp. 12-30

Abstract and references

The influence of e-shopping experience factors on e-consumer satisfaction: managing online stores

Prof Danie Ferreira*, Dr Altouise Jonas

Vol 20 | Issue 1 pp. 31-49

Abstract and references

Customer Service Experience and Satisfaction in the Mobile Telecom Industry

Dr Leon Paul du Preez*, Prof Louis Jacobus van Staden.

Vol 20 | Issue 1 pp. 50-63

Abstract and references

South African Consumers’ Ethnic Identification And Attitudes Towards Advertising Ethnic Appeals

Prof Adéle Potgieter, Prof Thérése Roux
Vol 20 | Issue 1 pp. 64-78

Abstract and references

Driving Customer Satisfaction and Stimulating Repurchase Intention: Insights from Palestinian Digital Retailers

Bara Asfour, Madan Batra, Abdullah Murrar, Haneen Ashqar
Vol 20 | Issue 1 pp. 79-98

Abstract and references

Why do I engage? Gratifications of online brand communities on facebook

Abigale Sprighton, Dr Danita van Heerden, Dr Jade Verbeek

Vol 20 | Issue 1 pp. 99-113

Abstract and references

Motivational drivers for distributors engaging in multi-level marketing in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Eunice Bolanle Akindejia, Elvis Madondo

Vol 20 | Issue 1 pp. 114-126

Abstract and references

Conceptualising the World Risk Society thesis of Ulrich Beck in the context of the discipline of Marketing

Dr Cornelius H. Bothma

Vol 20 | Issue 1 pp. 127-147

Abstract and references

Technology readiness and consumer intention to use digital platforms: A case of the music industry in South Africa

Dr Mthobisi Nhlabathi

Vol 20 | Issue 1 pp. 148-163

Abstract and references