Volume 16 | Issue 1 | Jul 01 2020


M.C. Cant
Vol 16 | Issue 1 pp. i-i

Organic food : a case of Gauteng Province in South Africa

E. Chinomona and C.N. Mangoukou Ngouapegne
Vol 16 | Issue 1 pp. 1-10

Abstract and references

Taxonomy of digital signage message execution and media placement considerations

E.M. Xaba, A.T. Roux, and G.A.P. Drotsky
Vol 16 | Issue 1 pp. 11-25

Abstract and references

How fashion bloggers can influence Generation Y’s online behaviour

M. Malek and N. Ligaraba
Vol 16 | Issue 1 pp. 26-39

Abstract and references

Customer engagement in retail banks : scale development and validation

C.C. Williams and N. Mackay
Vol 16 | Issue 1 pp.40-52

Abstract and references

Internal marketing variables as correlate of fostering employees’ satisfaction and productivity in commercial banks in Nigeria

B.O. Lisoyi and V. Naidoo
Vol 16 | Issue 1 pp. 53-60

Abstract and references

The effects of hedonic and utilitarian shopping motivations on online purchasing intentions : a Turkish case study

N. Sütütemiz and M. Saygılı
Vol 16 | Issue 1, pp. 61-83

Abstract and references

Developing a socioecological model for tweens’ consumption of branded apparel

B.C. Senooane and M.A. Phiri
Vol 16 | Issue 1, pp. 84-99

Abstract and references

Perceptions of service quality dimensions and patronage of street food vendors in South African townships

C.E. Eresia-Eke, G. Milongo, and N.B. Mogotsi
Vol 16 | Issue 1, pp. 100-112

Abstract and references