Volume 16 | Issue 3 | Dec 31 2020


Den Huan Hooi
Vol 16 | Issue 3 pp. i-i

Market orientation and market sensing capabilities in a digital world : relationships and impact on market performance

M. Chinakidzwa, M. Phiri
Vol 16 | Issue 3 pp. 1-17

Abstract and references

Higher education's role in capacitating retail businesses' well-being, resilience and efficiency post-COVID-19

L. Steynberg, J.P. Grundling, B. Liu, and Y. Li
Vol 16 | Issue 3 pp. 19-31

Abstract and references

Crisis communication initiatives between South African retailers and their stakeholders during COVID-19

D. Ecim, Y. Lang, D. Cerbone, M. Kok, W. Maroun, and W. Van Zijl
Vol 16 | Issue 3 pp. 32-47

Abstract and references

The effect of COVID-19 on small retail

Olabanji Oni and S. Omonona
Vol 16 | Issue 3 pp. 48-57

Abstract and references

Employee engagement and performance : a study of South African retail organisations circa COVID-19

Vol 16 | Issue 3 pp. 58-67

Abstract and references

German and South African millennials' reactions to fear and stress when purchasing products during COVID-19

T. Dobbelstein and V. Naidoo
Vol 16 | Issue 3, pp. 68-84

Abstract and references

The COVID-19-pandemic and implications for businesses : innovative retail marketing viewpoint

A.P. Opute, C.G. Iwu, O. Adeola, V.V. Mugobo, O.E. Okeke-Uzodike, O. Fagbola, and O. Jaiyeoba
Vol 16 | Issue 3, pp. 85-100

Abstract and references

Forecasting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on South African trade

C. Chakamera, L. Mapamba, and N. Pisa
Vol 16 | Issue 3, pp. 101-120

Abstract and references