Volume 19 | Issue 1 | June 2023

Foreword: Navigating the Digital Wave in Modern Retail: Insights and Implications

Dr. C.H.Bothma
Vol 19 | Issue 1 p. i

Factors influencing the purchasing behaviour of sports apparel consumers in Johannesburg
Sive Maqula, Dr.Ankit Katrodia

Vol 19 | Issue 1 pp. 1-12

Abstract and references

The effect of user-generated content on consumer-based brand equity of major retailers in the Cape Metropole
T.W.Hermanus, Prof V.V. Mugobo

Vol 19 | Issue 1 pp. 13-33

Abstract and references

The impact of security, audio-visual, time-saving orientation, relative advantage and trust in fast food websites on purchase intention
Mgiba, F.M., Pillay, G.

Vol 19 | Issue 1 pp. 34-55

Abstract and references

Influence of online sensory branding experiences on brand loyalty in South Africa
Dr Gabriella Berman, Dr Adéle Potgieter, Prof Madele Tait

Vol 19 | Issue 1 pp. 56-74

Abstract and references

Factors Affecting Customers' Intention towards Online Purchase: An Empirical Study on Bangladesh
Md. Hafez,  Sadia Jahan Moni, Fareeha Mamataz, Musarrat Tabassum, Tabassum Monira

Vol 19 | Issue 1 pp. 75-89

Abstract and references

Factors predicting consumers’ adoption of chatbots within the banking industry in South Africa
Felix Amoah, Christabel Rusike, Laura Novienyo Abla Amoah

Vol 19 | Issue 1 pp. 90-104

Abstract and references

Critical retail service factors in literature: a review and meta-analysis approach

João Pedro Oliveira Catarino Leandro, Paulo Sérgio Amaral de Sousa, Maria do Rosário Mota de Oliveira Alves Moreira

Vol 19 | Issue 1 pp. 105-127

Abstract and references

The Perceived Risk of Purchasing OTC Drugs: A Comparative Study of Pharmacies with Different Levels of Digitalization
Semra Ersöz

Vol 19 | Issue 1 pp. 128-158

Abstract and references